GDC & Greenlight

Hey everyone! Let’s get right to the exciting news: Rogue Process was Greenlit last week! At the end of our first week on the site, halfway through our GDC trip, we got the notification from Valve that we’d be accepted onto Steam. Thanks to everyone who voted for us, tweeted about the game, or just gave us some support. It’s a huge relief to have that process over and done with.

The Greenlight notification came amidst a wonderful week exhibiting at GDC. Thanks to the hundreds of people who came and played the game, stuck stickers to things, found bugs, gave feedback, or just said hi. Also huge thanks to Isaac KarthTom SmithKate ComptonJacob Garbe, and especially to Zain Farhad and Chris Wulf for all their help keeping the booth running smoothly – and thanks to everyone else who swung by to help out or just send good vibes our way. Thanks also to the Indie Megabooth for making the whole thing possible. They’re incredible.

I have a huge list of features to implement and work to do just from GDC, as well as moving the game forward into exciting new territory, where I rapid-fire implement new feature ideas and see how they all play out. It’s going to be a wild summer full of content for the game!

While at GDC I also met up with some cool people working on cyberpunk games, like Abyssal Uncreation’s Hyacinth. They’re working on _transfer, a text-driven sci-fi horror game that’s thick with atmosphere and has a really cool look. I really enjoyed chatting Hyacinth – they have a cool angle on these genres and was just generally really nice! I also was fortunate to meet someone from The Last Night team, another #cyberpunkjam developer working to polish up to a full release. The three of us chatted and plotted some fun secret ideas that you’ll have to wait to find out about – but in the meantime, please go and check out their games and support them!

I’ll try and keep you updated on the game’s progression, although I may be entering a heavier work phase for a bit, so we’ll have to see how it goes. Feeling incredibly energised though, and full of enthusiasm and ideas that need to get throw into the game. I’ll try and post some broad-strokes stuff about the forthcoming work soon, and get a proper, commentated gameplay video up too now we’re out of the GDC rush! Thanks again for all your support so far – I’m going to make Rogue Process the best possible thing it can be, and I hope you’re gonna love it.

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