Rogue Process

Rogue Process is an action stealth game about typing to hack things. You play a renegade hacker who makes a living smashing corporate security systems, stealing dark secrets and diving from the tops of exploding skyscrapers in slow motion.

You can hack almost anything to suit the situation: breaking windows and wiping camera feeds; venting toxic waste to flush out guards or self-destructing a satellite to blow the side off a building. Install new software to expand your options with things like glitch camouflage, shock armour and reflective shields. Take contracts, punch people through windows, hack billboards, take down corporations, and uncover the secrets hidden at the center of the city!

Rogue Process is based off a #cyberpunkjam game I made in 2014 called Currently Running Processes, which you can still download and play for free.

This site is where we’re posting updates about the game, the design, and eventually its release!

When’s it coming out?

Rogue Process has to be a spare time project for everyone right now, but we’re currently aiming for late 2017. We’ll keep you posted!

What platforms will it be on?

PC for sure, Mac and Linux most likely, other platforms I’m not sure. Let me know on Twitter where you’d like to play it most!

Who’s making it?

Mike Cook is doing the coding and design – you might know him from ANGELINA, the game-designing AI, or the Procedural Generation Jam.

Marsh Davies is providing jaw-droppingly beautiful art and animation – he’s also a podcaster, journalist and illustrator extraordinaire.

The game is also going to have a composer to provide an awesome soundtrack, but we’ll have more on that later. Currently it’s using the smooth tunes and cool sounds of Strangelette’s Cyberpunk Soundtracks.

What if I have other questions?

Let me know! I’ll try and answer it eventually.

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